The life of this upstate barn venue began c 1790, when an American settler named Peter Jaycox built a Hudson Valley farm, facing a majestic mountain range, encircled by trees. 17 acres remain from the original site. Peter Jaycox and his sons hewed their barn to be 30x40 feet. Perhaps they knew how delicious the acoustics were in that hayloft, maybe it was a surprise hidden by the barn itself to be dicoverd by us, the 5th family in over 200 years to own this Upstate New York barn and farm.

In the wake of the Revolutionary War, expatriates from the White Terror in Paris had sons who would later fight in the Civil War. These early American families made their homes here for a reason; it was a place to learn how to begin again. What better place to join two lives together than in a Catskills barn wedding, an upstate farm venue with as much history as the world's longest love affair.

Fast forward to the break of the 21st century. A ravenous fire takes the original farmhouse on a freezing January night. Miraculously, the barn remains untouched, spared by fateful winds -- or the hand of Peter Jaycox.

Now we offer it to you for your Hudson Valley farm wedding or upstate film shoot.


Settled in the 1770's by Jebediah Hall and his sons Uriah and Josiah, Medusa was originally called Hall's Mills. When the postal system arrived in the village in the 1820's, another name had to be chosen because there existed another Hall's Mills. A very tongue in cheek academic townsman suggested naming the town after a lovely lady from a Greco-Roman myth named Medusa. None the wiser, the postermaster had never heard of her, so in keeping with the New York trend of naming the towns after Roman ruins, he approved it. We've been Medusa, NY ever since. life before the internet was strange indeed.